How wrong was that younger me! 

Over the last couple of months on our Reinventing You slow down Sunday calls, I have changed things up and started adding in a little bit of "Woo-woo" to the conversation.

I had wanted to add something different to our conversations on Sunday evenings for a while. During these last couple of years, I have been dipping my toe back into things that brought me into the world of spirituality and transformation.

My first transformation experience came via the world of astrology, moon energy, energy healing and tarot cards. But as I matured and explored my calling into the world of psychology, I dropped all of this and created a belief that nobody would take me seriously if I were to bring these topics into our conversations.

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May you feel more at home with yourself

It's quite hard to believe that we have hit day 40 of this quarantine, and are very likely to be staying home for May too.

There are so many challenges we have all had to rise up to this month, and for most of us despite what our boat looks like through this storm we are all sailing, I think the biggest challenge we all experienced is being able to feel more at home within ourselves.

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How to reduce stress and anxiety and stay emotionally healthy

Now more than ever it is essential to find what works for us when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety, here are my top go-to things that I use when my stress and anxiety starts to creep in.

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Slow down Sunday Reflection

It's not my usual kind of Sunday, my whole routine has changed as I am sure yours has too.

It's funny how we can get so used to following a particular pattern, structure or even routine. And for the most part feeling settled that this works well for us and when things come along to disrupt that "norm" it can send us off in all sorts of directions, feeling lost and somewhat displaced.

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Let's talk about trust

Trust is something that is placed high on the list of personal values for many people, myself included.

Being trustworthy comes high on my list of what it means to live with integrity. Not only that, I have held extremely high expectations when it comes to the levels of trust I expect others to demonstrate.

These high expectations haven't always served me well as I navigated through my life. I have swung from being excessively trusting (overly trusting as my better half has frequently said to me throughout the years) to not feeling able to trust anybody. Typically what happens in both these scenarios is that I get injured in any case.

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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Ties to Loved Ones

Everyone has people they care deeply about, but sometimes families and friends drift apart. If you've found yourself wanting to get closer to those you love, you can strengthen the ties that bring you together.

With so much technology available, it's much easier to keep in touch today than ever before. And even in this age of increasing technology, there are still old-fashioned ways to keep in touch and stay close. Phone calls, letters, and personal visits, for example, provide a personal touch that lets those you love most know how you important they are to you.

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Doing this one small thing will set you on the path to freedom and joy!


Stop comparing yourself to others!

The Flaw of Comparing Yourself to Others

If you lack contentment, it could be because you’re comparing yourself to others. You’ve been on Facebook and seen the pictures of others living their seemingly exciting lives. It only takes a moment to find yourself wishing you had someone else’s career, body, house, or vacation.

Comparing ourselves to others is a common activity!

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