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Ready to take the next step but not sure where to start?

If like many women you find yourself doubting or unsure of where to start or what next step would be right for you then I can help with that.

Book in for a complimentary 30 Minute Discovery call with me in person and I will help you to figure out exactly what steps would be best for you to take to move you in the direction you want to go.

And while we are on the call together I will coach you on how best to take that next step!

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Tracey Will

Getting to know my true self and reducing my chronic depression and anxiety has been where working with Avril has helped me the most.

I have learnt to 'go with the flow' more and take steps towards having a career I truly enjoy.

I would absolutely recommend working with Avril, without a doubt! This has been so beneficial for me and Im sure has a ripple effect on those around me too, as I become closer to being my authentic self.

Lorna Petrie 

Avril has helped me look at things differently and to react to - or not react to - things differently in all aspects of my life.

I’ve stopped doubting myself so much and don’t get caught up in the negative thinking.

And I’m having fun - I feel lighter and don’t get bogged down with carrying unnecessary baggage and feel more relaxed and happier.


Nice to meet you


I have been on a spiritual and personal development path for most of my life. It started at a young age spending all my free time immersed in spiritual and self help-books, courses and training.

Now I empower women to live life from the inside out, connect with their deeper inner wisdom so they can find freedom and peace of mind from anxiety, fear, procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Helping women to find balance in life in a way that's designed specifically to meet the challenges that women today face.

Challenges like running a career, fitting a stereotype and raising a family…

And finding meaning in life while juggling everything that’s expected of us. 

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Blog Posts

How to reduce stress and anxiety and stay emotionally healthy 

Now more than ever it is essential to find what works for us when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety, here are my top go-to things that I use when my stress and anxiety starts to creep in.

Stay connected with people who get you.


Doing this one small thing...

... will set you on the path to freedom and joy!

Stop comparing yourself to others!

The Flaw of Comparing Yourself to Others

If you lack contentment, it could be because you’re comparing yourself to others.


Let's talk about trust 

Trust is something that is placed high on the list of personal values for many people, myself included.

Being trustworthy comes high on my list of what it means to live with integrity.

 Not only that, I have held extremely high expectations..










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