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Avril Gill Transformational Coach - Empowering Women to live life from the Inside Out! 


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I have been on a spiritual and personal development path for most of my life. It started at a young age spending all my free time immersed in spiritual and self help-books, courses and training.

Now I empower women to live life from the inside out, connect with their deeper inner wisdom so they can find freedom and peace of mind from anxiety, fear, procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Helping women to find balance in life in a way that's designed specifically to meet the challenges that women today face.

Challenges like running a career, fitting a stereotype and raising a family…

And finding meaning in life while juggling everything that’s expected of us. 


I got here

After years of battling my own struggles with anxiety, self-confidence and fear, and realising that there has to be a more effective way of healing from our past. 

The traditional methods didn't work for me, well at least not long term, so I opted to do it my way and found a whole new way of being with a simple paradigm shift that enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological and spiritual nature of our minds.

And finally I broke the cycle of anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm.

I took all that I had learned throughout my own exploration and training, and transformed my own life and career.

And today, I am here helping women find that same freedom.


I do it

I Realised it was my calling in life to show Women a path to experiencing freedom from anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm like I did ...When they too felt like traditional approaches had failed them. 

My mission now is to help others, especially women to find peace of mind and live life in alignment with who they are and learn that being you is the best version of you that you can be.

Avril has worked in the area of learning and personal development for over 25 years, an inspirational teacher and coach she has been helping people transform both their lives and careers for over 20 years. An NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. Avril also has BSc Honours Degree in Psychology, as well as additional qualifications and training in neuroscience, Three principles and spiritual teaching.
She is highly regarded in her industry and well known for her unique approach and blend of science and spirituality.
โ€‹Author of the "Reinvention Method" and Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & a Generative Trance Hypnotherapist she works with individuals and groups, providing unique personal development workshops and coaching inspired by Neuroscience, Spirituality, Hypnotherapy, NLP, energy healing and the great masters of personal change.



Fun Facts

about me

Reading is my passion, when I can't sleep at night I pick up my favourite historical novels and let my overworked mind drift back into past.

I met my husband on a blind date, secretly set up by my friend. I was furious and refused to speak to him, we have now been married 28 years!

Squirrels are my favourite animal, I love them so much my husband named a star for me in Scots Gaelic - "Feòrag Bheag" translated "Little Squirrel"

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