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How To Experience freedom From Anxiety, Fear & Self Doubt

In As Little As 1 Hour A Week

Hosted By

Anxiety Expert - Avril Gill

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Does this

Sound familiar?

You know your anxiety is holding you back, you spend endless hours worrying, sleepless nights doubting and seconding guessing everything you do.
Yet no matter what you’ve tried to do to fix the problem, you continue to have those nagging feelings of anxiety and fear rumbling under the surface of your life.
Maybe if you just got a new job, or changed your hair, or had a different circle of friends, you would feel better. So, you do that, and yes, you experience a temporary shift, but then something happens, maybe your boss makes a comment about a piece of work you did, or your partner doesn’t like your hair, and it starts all over again.
The worry that maybe you’re not good enough, the self-doubt creeps in, and you start imagining all sorts of unhelpful what-if scenarios, and before you know it, you are back down that rabbit hole of anxiety, fear, self – doubt and overwhelm.
Once again your back to the drawing board, searching through your self-help books, checking out the latest techniques that are guaranteed to work.
And worst of all you feel like a failure, and think why bother, so you begin to shrink your life to protect yourself from feeling this way.

I get it! I've been there too


And these were the loneliest and unhappiest times in my life, nobody understood, and I felt like a failure.

And for a time I just settled for a smaller life.

Until that is, I found the one piece of the puzzle I was missing.


Waking up in the morning, your mind is clear, and you know today is going to be the best day!

  • Going to bed at night and falling straight to sleep because you are not re-playing through every single part of your day, or worrying about things you’ve said or decisions you’ve made. 
  • Being guided by your inner wisdom and feeling aligned with who you are and the decisions you make.
  • No second-guessing.
  • No self-doubt.
  • No fears holding you back.
  • Only clarity, without all the confusing feelings of overwhelm.
  • And a deep connection to your innate knowing as you show up to your life and you confidently go through your day.
  • Can you imagine how it would feel to know no matter what, you are ok?
  • How different would your life look?
  • How different would you be if you felt this way?

I'm here to show  that it doesn't matter how long you've experienced any of these things, OR how many times you feel you have tried and failed.

You can FREE yourself from anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm. 

And that's why I have created the most comprehensive and effective way to help you to break free.

An 8-week live coaching program where you’ll learn how to dissolve anxiety, remove fear and overwhelm and learn how to live the life you deserve free from the prison of your mind.

Three Pillars 

To Reinventing Your Life From The Inside Out!


Why your brain does what it does and how you can prime your brain so that you can overcome any barrier stopping you from breaking free from anxiety, fear, overwhelm!


Learning to trust your deeper wisdom, never second guessing, sure in yourself that every decision you make about your life is in your highest and best interest and of those you love!


Taking the knowledge and knowing and embedding it into every area of your life, so it's not just anxiety or fear or overwhelm that's transformed.

It's your whole life!

Your relationships, your career, your health and your wellbeing!

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Nice to meet you

I empower women to live life from the inside out, connect with their deeper inner wisdom so they can find freedom and peace of mind from anxiety, fear, procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Helping women to find balance in their life in a way that's designed specifically to meet the challenges that women today face.

Challenges like running a career, fitting a stereotype and raising a family…

And finding meaning in life while juggling everything that’s expected of us.

How I got here...

After years of battling my own struggles with anxiety, self-confidence and fear, and realising that there has to be a more effective way of healing from our past.

But, the traditional methods didn't work for me, well at least not long term, so I opted to do it my way and found a whole new way of being with a simple paradigm shift that enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological and spiritual nature of our minds.


And finally, I broke the cycle of anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm.

I took all that I had learned throughout my own exploration and training and transformed my own life and career.

And today, I am here helping women find that same freedom.

Why I do it...

I realised it was my calling in life to show Women a path to experiencing freedom from anxiety, fear, self-doubt and overwhelm as I did. Especially women like me who feel traditional approaches have failed them.

My mission now is to help others, to find peace of mind and live life in alignment with who they are and learn that being you is the best version of you that you can be.

Professional background...

Avril has worked in the area of learning and personal development for over 25 years, an inspirational teacher and coach she has been helping people transform both their lives and careers for over 20 years. An NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. Avril also has BSc  Honours Degree in Psychology, as well as additional qualifications and training in neuroscience, Three principles and spiritual teaching.

She is highly regarded in her industry and well known for her unique approach and blend of science and spirituality.

​Author of the "Reinvention Method" and Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & a Generative Trance Hypnotherapist she works with individuals and groups, providing unique personal development workshops and coaching inspired by Neuroscience, Spirituality, Hypnotherapy, NLP, energy healing and the great masters of personal change.

Here's how it's going to work..

I’m going to teach you the psychological and spiritual principles of how your mind works and give you as comprehensive and as clear an understanding as I can on how I found my freedom from anxiety, self-doubt, fear and overwhelm and then take you by the hand and show you how you can do it too!

You will develop a deep inner resilience..so that you are well equipped to deal with any obstacle life throws at you...

Inside this 10-week program you will unlock the Master Classes

and Live Coaching Calls!  

Shifting Beliefs

>>> Learn how to create beliefs that support how you want to experience your life

>>> Learn how to shift limiting beliefs about perfection, failure and learn to believe in yourself again

Inner work 

>>> Learn how to connect to your inner wisdom so that you can be confident in everything you do

>>> Learn how to listen to yourself and take action on your inner wisdom so you stop doubting and seconding guessing yourself

>>>Learn how 95% of your life is run on automatic via the Brain and why your brain is wired to keep you where you are. And I will teach you how to rewire your brain so that it aligns with your inner wisdom and stops highjacking all your attempts to overcome your anxiety.


Who you really are

>>> You're going to learn how to step into your next level self so that creating the outcome you desire is inevitable
>>> You are going to learn to connect with the power of who you truly are and create a big picture vision of your life

>>> You will learn how to align with that vision and be the person you are destined to be

Did I mention you would also get these!  

 Access to: 

30 Days to greater self-love & self love Digital course Valued at £197

Spring clean the mind - Mini Kick Starter Series Digital course Valued at £197


PLUS Over 50 Bonus audios and videos of group coaching calls

8 Week Program

Starting 27th October @ 8pm

Reinventing YOU - from this inside out

Live Group Coaching Program





Bonus call 1 - Health Anxetiy

Bonus call 2 - Keeping Your Energy Clear

12 Month Community Membership with access to all live group coaching sessions (£997 of included VALUE)

Reinventing YOU

  • 8 x Weekly Master Classes
  • 8 x weekly Live Coaching Calls that run every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT / 3 PM EST.  
  • PLUS weekly support calls in between 
  • Unlimited access to this course… and I have clients who’ve repeated it many times due to the insightful nature of the coaching calls which always reveal something new. 
  • 12 Month access to "Reinventing YOU" Coaching Program and Community.
  • Closed Facebook Group -access to a private Facebook Group where you can find weekly transformational tips and breakthroughs. 


  • SEVEN added tutorials: Life Audit, How Balanced Is Your Life, Creating A Daily Practice, Letting Go Of Expectations Challenge, Acceptance & Forgiveness Audio/Meditation, Generative Trance Meditation & Postural Body Sway!  (Value £549)


Reinventing YOU


per month x 10

  • 10 x Weekly Master Classes
  • 10 x weekly Live Coaching Calls that run every Wednesday at 8pm GMT / 3PM EST.  
  • Unlimited access to this course… and I have clients who’ve repeated it many times due to the insightful nature of the coaching calls which always reveal something new. 
  • Lifetime access to "Reinventing YOU" Coaching Program and Community & our virtual Well-being cafe.
  • Closed Facebook Group -access to a private Facebook Group where you can find weekly transformational tips and breakthroughs. 


  • SEVEN added tutorials: Life Audit, How Balanced Is Your Life, Creating A Daily Practice, Letting Go Of Expectations Challenge, Acceptance & Forgiveness Audio/Meditation, Generative Trance Meditation & Postural Body Sway!  (Value £549)



(One-time payment) 


I'm IN!


(Two Monthly Payments)


I'm IN!

Need some peace of mind?


Join in for week 1 and if it’s not everything you hoped for you can have your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Client Love


"Thank you Avril for a fantastic course. 
I first got in touch with you as I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety at work, and felt like the fear was taking over me.  
From our first chat, you helped by explaining how a lot of what we feel is caused by overthinking, or attaching meaning to thought. 
I knew deep down that when I was getting caught up in the fear, the best thing to do was to go and take a walk to give my thoughts some time to settle, but that at the time it felt counter intuitive. 
When you reminded me of the intuition that is always within, I began to act on that, whether that was taking a quick walk at work, or reading a book at home when my mind started to whirl... and I began noticing a reduction in my stress levels. 
Prior to our first meeting, I had been experiencing physical symptoms such as migraines and nosebleeds, and I am happy to say these are happening far less frequently now that I am feeling much calmer.  
As I mentioned on our last call, I noticed a gradual change in how I am feeling... so gradual in fact that it just seemed I was taking it on board naturally and it was only when I looked back and thought about how I felt before I started the course, that I realised what a big shift I had experienced. 
So a huge thank you from me for helping me to rebalance and feel much calmer despite the fact that there will always be pressured situations... because that is life! 
I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to experience greater calm, and in such a way that it just happens naturally.
Thanks again! 
P.S. I am actually writing this in Bali, which only happened as a result of listening to what I really wanted to do and not talking myself out of it... and I decided to book it during your course." 


"This course has been a huge help for my self-confidence and awareness. 

It has enabled me to look within and stop looking externally... when I slip back into my old ways it has enabled me to get back on track. 
To do this I can watch the session recording or notes in my journal. 
I have joined the course 3 times and each one has been a unique experience.  
Being able to share with others is also revitalising and refreshing - chicken soup for the soul. πŸ˜€
To be given life-long access to the sessions is a life-line
My life has changed dramatically since the 1st course.... I feel I am now “reinventing me” into who I want to be.
I have taken early retirement from 35 years in IT and I am now setting up as a self-employed complementary therapist.  
I am currently training as a cranial sacral therapist and I now feel I am doing something I love.
Do I still have “bad days” - yes I do, but the coursework has allowed me to get through these days with a different perspective and an acceptance I never had before.
My relationships have also improved... I took a lot from the session on expectations and I feel that helped me to change my expectations of others and myself which has had a positive effect on my relationships.
I would highly recommend this course for those who want to look within, understand their mind /thoughts and improve their relationship with themselves.
Keep a journal and look back... you’ll be surprised how defat you’ve come. πŸ˜Š

Is this for me?

This program is perfect for you if...

➜ If you constantly find yourself fighting anxiety and depression…

➜ If you are constantly facing a roller coaster of fear, stress or anxiety...

➜ Then this course is the fastest way to experience relief in a way that fits your time and schedule. 

There are only  30 spaces and they won’t last long, so I’d encourage you to act quick.

It's important that you read this next part very carefully..

**This Opportunity Isn’t For Everyone**
I can only help a specific type of client so there’s a stringent yet fairly achievable set of criteria. 
  • I don’t work with people who are looking for a quick fix, or who won’t take the time or space to explore everything we cover in this 8-week course. 
  • I only work with action-takers with patience, determination, a little faith and a willingness to try something new and different. 
  • You must also be willing to show up for the live calls.

Because I really want you to make the most of this opportunity. 

Ready to feel like this?

Like you finally "get" it. 

Proud of yourself.

Like this really IS your year!

You wouldn't believe the number of people I have spoken to on the phone in tears from the overwhelm and frustration. If that is you, you're not alone!

Join here!

Spend 10 weeks with Avril, and you will be equipped to restart your life with a new understanding of what causes your anxiety, fear, self doubt and overwhelm… so you can remove these blocks.  

  • You will start to gain awareness into what is holding you back so you can remove them once and for all...

  • You will learn to shift the beliefs that hold you back and create new and more empowering beliefs for yourself.

  • You will learn to have a deep connection with your inner wisdom so that you gain clarity and confidence and never doubt or second guess yourself again.

  • You will know who you are and will be able to align that with a clear vision of how you want your life to be

  • Every week Avril will coach you and the group live on zoom, personally taking you by the hand and helping you every step of the way. 


Think of it like having a housekeeper for your mind... 

And at the end of the 10 weeks you will feel as if you have completely Reinvented YOU... and gained mental clarity and space for a whole new level of thinking. 

Imagine doing all of this in that amount of time?

Your 3 Keys

To Success

Live Support and Help

Not just sitting watching endless video’s, meditating, using self-hypnosis or reading self-help techniques and trying to apply them to your life.

Lifetime Access

To live group coaching calls and masterclasses so you can keep coming back any time you need a helping hand. I am always here for you.

Access to a Community

Of like-minded women with similar struggles, all supporting and helping each other.

>>> I don’t ask you to do endless techniques like other approaches; I take care of everything for you, there’s absolutely nothing for you to do except to show up for the Live group coaching calls and listen to the masterclasses.

>>> And what’s more, you do not need to spend weeks, months or even years trying to fix yourself. 

In fact, I encourage you not to do any of that stuff during the time we spend together.

Join here!