The truth about fear

Fear holds us back from expressing our truth in so many different ways. It stops us from expressing what we think or what we want to say.

Fear holds us back from things we want to do or the direction we want to take our life in. It limits us in so many ways, and over time, our life becomes smaller and narrower as our fears take over.

Fear creates anxiety, depression and insecurity and leads us to try and control our environment or world, even the people we share our lives with to feel safe, to feel secure; however that shows up for us.

All those things that we say we will do or want to do for ourselves start to feel so out of reach, even when we know in our hearts that whatever it is that is calling us is good for us. Fear finds a way to drag us back and making sure that the things in our life that we want to change stay the same.

Fear is a natural biological response, it’s ingrained in our brain, and it keeps us safe and prevents us from engaging in risky behaviours that could be harmful to us.

Fear reminds us to look before we cross a busy road.

Fear is healthy. But left to its own devices to run amok with our thoughts, it can begin to control our lives, and we start to view everything as a threat.

When this happens, fear becomes debilitating and drains our energy, and fuels the meaning we add to all the stories in our head until fear convinces us that it is truth.

Truth is not fear, innate wisdom is our truth, and when we are looking in this direction and are guided by our truth, it doesn’t come from fear.

In fact, our truth isn’t shadowed in doubts or worry; the truth is light and easy-going. Filled with excitement and wonder and often nervousness tensions which we confuse with fear.

Once you can see beyond the veil of fear and where fear comes from, that’s when every day becomes an opportunity to begin again.

New beginnings and starting over can happen the moment you see through the veil of fear.

Fear is another illusion that we buy into with our thinking; yes, there is a natural biological and psychological response in our brain and body to avoid anything harmful. Beyond that, everything else is an illusion created by our own thoughts.

Created by our experiences, memories from the past and predictions we make about future outcomes, all of which are about as accurate as reading from a fortune teller, which is zero as nobody in this entire world can predict a guaranteed outcome for any future event.

We can predict it may go a certain way, but there is no guarantee of the outcome; it’s simply a guess. And if we hold on to that guess long enough and add enough meaning to it, we will have a greater chance of getting the outcome we predict because our thoughts create the reality we experience.

And because our brain has a natural propensity to look to the negative to protect us, then guess what, we are constantly going to be making negative predictions about almost all our future predictions.

Unless we are making predictions about things we have successfully done before, then we are more likely to make a more positive prediction, and even then, we still add a heap of fearful meaning to the story in our head.

So the best thing we can do is to learn to separate fear into two camps.

The Fear stopping us from jumping into the ocean when we can’t swim, so we don’t drown.

And the fear we create through the meaning we add with our thoughts.

Once we have clarity on the difference, we can lift the veil to see the fear for what it is and walk with it, rather than running from it, hiding from it or even fighting it. 

So it becomes, "ah, there it is, my old friend fear".

Fear isn’t our enemy. It's’ something we can befriend and learn to understand for ourselves.  It was never intended to be our enemy or our master; it was always designed to be a friend (a different kind of friend maybe), taking care of us and keeping us safe.

What new beginnings are you running away from because fear keeps you stuck?  

It might be something small, or something huge, whatever it is, know this, unless that new beginning is a risk to your health or life, then all fear is doing is keeping you stuck in a box and giving you a false promise that life is better where you are.  


Examine the evidence, challenge the thoughts and ask yourself, are all these things really true?  

And if the answer is no, then it's time to open the box, take a step out, and start opening up to the life you deserve.  

Much love

Avril xx

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