Letting go of October

I hope you are well and not feeling too fragile with all the more stringent restrictions that have landed at our doors this last month. I know for many, it has been challenging to come to terms with.

We all held tight to the glimmer of hopefulness that we would be through this pandemic by the end of the year, and that gave us all hope.  That sense of hope has slowly eroded away and is being replaced with frustration and fear about the future. I am sure like many of us you too had high expectations that come the winter months we would all be enjoying the freedoms that used to be our everyday life.

Coincidentally inside my Reinventing You Coaching Program, we have been talking about letting go of the past, this week, in particular, we were discussing ditching our expectations. Whilst this can often feel scary or challenging to do there is enormous benefits for us when we do this. Significantly if we drop all those implied expectations that we set ourselves, or have of others, and that includes society and our governments.

In my experience, (and in the experience of hundreds of clients I have worked with) this opens up space within us to hear our own wisdom. Then we can start to see opportunities for transformation or solutions that we can't see when we are caught up in the storms of our emotions.

The thing is when we drop our expectations, we are far less likely to be disappointed or feel let down by events that happen outside of our control. It doesn't mean that we can't be hopeful for a positive outcome or that we can't look forward to good things happening. It merely means we are not attaching ourselves to any particular result.

So when something doesn't turn out the way we expect, it doesn't feel as if we have lost something. And we can carry on without having to contend with a myriad of emotions whirling around inside us, we become more resilient and more accepting of things. 

As the month comes to a close and we move deeper into autumn and then winter I feel it's more important than ever to drop any expectations.  We can then use this time to shore up our inner resilience and step into the space of our wisdom free from the storms of our emotions. And maybe start to see that glimmer of hope return in other ways.

You know, despite what's going on outside in the external world, we all can experience peace in our internal worlds, even when the world feels as if it's gone crazy.  Honestly, it is right there inside you, providing that is you don't get too caught up in your own expectations of how life should or shouldn't be.

Maybe you could ask yourself "what one expectation am I carrying in my life that isn't serving me right now."  And then "what needs to happen for me to let them go" and then simply choose to let it go and notice how much lighter and peaceful life begins to feel despite what is happening in your life and the world right now.

And if it occurs to you come and join me inside the "Inner Wisdom Meditation Hub"  this week. I will be sharing a new month/new moon meditation around letting go.  It's the perfect meditation for letting go of things that no longer serve you or your life! 

If you are not already a member, you can join here. "Reinventing YOU" - Inner Wisdom Meditation Hub

Wishing you a peaceful month ahead full of new and beautiful possibilities.





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