Let's talk about trust

Trust is something that is placed high on the list of personal values for many people, myself included.

Being trustworthy comes high on my list of what it means to live with integrity. Not only that, I have held extremely high expectations when it comes to the levels of trust I expect others to demonstrate.

These high expectations haven't always served me well as I navigated through my life. I have swung from being excessively trusting (overly trusting as my better half has frequently said to me throughout the years) to not feeling able to trust anybody. Typically what happens in both these scenarios is that I get injured in any case.

I have deepened into a new awareness around trust, and what I found interesting is that it's got nothing to do with trusting people and all about trusting yourself.

It now looks to me that trust is more about trusting yourself to make the right decisions that are aligned to you and are always in your best interest.

Trust is trusting that voice of wisdom when it tells you this doesn't feel right and not ignoring it or putting it down to you being negative, selfish or fearful.

Trust now looks a lot more like not doing things to people please when your inner wisdom is screaming no - so many times in my life I turn the volume of my internal GPS down because I wanted to see people happy and encourage them. Still, all too often this has come at a cost and almost always ends up with me not being in alignment with what's right for me.

I now see that trust isn't something that we have to accomplish for others; it is a blessing we provide for ourselves by figuring out how to peer inside and tune in with an open heart to the wisdom that is always guiding us.

Trust is leaning into your higher self, and knowing who you are at your core, and with this knowledge comes a desire always to do what's for your highest good. Even if at times other people may be disappointed!

I've realised that there is no need for me ever to learn whether to trust people or not, but more learning to listen deeply to that voice that is already there lighting the path and showing me the way which will always lead to a deeper alignment of trust in myself. 

When we trust ourselves in this way, we are far less likely to engage in situations or activities where trust might be broken.

As we learn to lean into our wisdom more, we will always do what is in our best interest and navigate away from anything that's not.

Next time you feel someone has broken your trust, pause for a minute to ponder what I have shared and notice where or when you didn't tune in to your insight and gently remind yourself that all that truly happened was that you settled on a choice or decision that wasn't guided by your inner wisdom. Despite that wisdom nudging you for reasons outside of your awareness, you decided not to listen to you that voice. Knowing that next time, now that you have this new awareness too, you can slow down to hear the wisdom that's working its way through you.

When we listen deeply to that voice, it always moves us towards love, joy and happiness and never away from it.


Avril xx


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