How wrong was that younger me 🤦‍♀️

Over the last couple of months on our Reinventing You slow down Sunday calls, I have changed things up and started adding in a little bit of "Woo-woo" to the conversation.

I had wanted to add something different to our conversations on Sunday evenings for a while. During these last couple of years, I have been dipping my toe back into things that brought me into the world of spirituality and transformation.

My first transformation experience came via the world of astrology, moon energy, energy healing and tarot cards. But as I matured and explored my calling into the world of psychology, I dropped all of this and created a belief that nobody would take me seriously if I were to bring these topics into our conversations.

Oh, how wrong was that younger me!!!

The world has changed much since my early exploration of energy and spirituality, and I too have changed, realising there is so much more to what we see, hear or feel in the physical world we inhabit.

Now, we are more open to exploring the unknown. Psychology and spirituality are reuniting again to bring a more pragmatic approach to how we experience life via our psychology and our spiritual connection with the world.

So the "Woo, woo" that I dropped all those years ago is now something far more people are open to and ready to embrace! 

And that's why I have been sharing a lot more about the "Woo" on Sunday nights, partly because I love the woo and more especially as it makes a difference when we can tune into something greater than ourselves.

(Dr David Hamilton has even written a book about "Why woo-woo works!" (As a psychologist, I have referred to that word woo-woo in all my teachings for over a decade!))

On Sunday's I share lunar energy updates during each phase of the moon cycles. And how these energies illuminate aspects of your unconscious mind, then how to use this to help you attune more to your innate wisdom to help you listen to the wisdom inside that is always guiding you.

Tomorrow there's a full moon, and the energy surrounding a full moon is always illuminating!

So if you are someone (like me) and love tuning in to that universal energy, here's part of a recording of some of what I shared on Sunday that might help you to tune into a pearl of more profound wisdom for your life. And a recording of the inner wisdom meditation I shared with the group at the end of our call.

Click here to view!

We experience life constantly on the inside first, and no one but you can change that. The universal energy that we are and that surrounds us can only illuminate what's already going on inside of us.

Still, once you see something, you have a more significant opportunity to change how you experience life on the inside.

And then, everything outside shifts!

Speak soon.

Much love

Avril x

Ps. This next and final round for 2021 of "Reinventing YOU" starts on 27th October, and there are places available if you would like to be part of this transformative community and program. To find out more click here or if you'd like to talk with me In-person book a call with me via Zoom.

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