Balancing the Sacred Divine Feminine & Masculine

Waxing crescent Moon Aries - 1st Quarter Moon

It's a quiet week

We are in an in-between phase where we are still working with the retrograde energy that's just past and getting ready for next weeks energy, where a lot will be happening.

All the areas where we felt like we were taking a few steps back, or things were a little slow or sluggish will start moving now, and hopefully, you will have a lot more clarity in areas of your life where things felt a little confusing or where you were finding it hard to envision a way forward. This will all ease up; the retro energy wants us to go back over things because there is wisdom to be seen that we haven't noticed, so the energy nudges us to pause, and it's that energy that will now shift.

This week you should start to feel more forward momentum building, but don't rush in fast; there is lots of incredible energy coming up in the next couple of months, so take your time, plan things, and take care of the details before rushing headfirst into things.

We have a full moon on the 16th in Leo, and this energy will start to build early next week. And on the full moon, there is a conjunction between Venus and Mars; they represent the masculine and feminine, yin/yang coming together, which is lovely energy that you will feel throughout the week too.

So this week, the energy is calling us to activate and balance our masculine/feminine energy; what makes this energy important is liberation, feeling free and powerful in your own body. Owning your sexuality and feeling beautiful inside your own body - it's a powerful energy of freedom and liberation, allowing you to be who you are. 

This energy nudges you to drop the limiting beliefs you have been carrying about your body and connect with yourself, allowing yourself to feel beautiful and tap into the God/Goddess within and own it!

So let your creative energy flow up through your body and think about ways you can allow the masculine and feminine energies to harmonise and flow in your life.

Ask yourself:

What does it mean to embrace more of your masculine side?

What does it mean to embrace more of your feminine side?

This is beyond gender.

Mar's - Masculine energy is about action and doing, and it's all about moving forward - it's outward energy. It's about scheduling and organising; this energy inspires us to forge ahead and find our inner confidence and strength. Mars energy is the rational mind and the stability and security we need to survive this 3D world.

Venus: Feminine energy is more internal energy; it's more intuitive; it's about going with the flow and surrendering and following our intuition. It's all about harmony, love, the moon and beauty. Its energy inspires us to connect with our inner Goddess, be creative, create wealth, and surround ourselves with beautiful things.

Take some time to look at where you need to create some balance and find that balance between those two energies in our lives.

So this week is all about being in your body, embracing it, loving it and enjoying it!

Under this energy, connect with your body through dance, by wearing something adventurous, or by reciting mantras of self-love in the mirror. Own all who you are, feel beautiful in your skin and be confident. 

You deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and radiant in your body!


The sacred feminine and masculine - By Gilspa

within our physical self, we have our feminine and masculine energies

feminine we find on the left side of our body

this is also for 'the now'

anything that affects this side of the body has a direct link to our feminine side and is happening or affecting us 'right now'

on the right side of our body we find the masculine energy

this also represents the past

what affects the right side of the body also is a direct link to our masculine side and what may be affecting us is related to 'past' happenings

both sexes, have both feminine and masculine energies, many times, over our lifetimes they can be unbalanced and one energy can dominate the other

from this, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives can be affected

from hiding emotions, communication, relationships, becoming the person we are meant to become and even physical issues, such as hormone problems and disease

any one of us, can nurture our sacred feminine and masculine energies and bring them into balance - healing ourselves begins that very process

from simple chanting, embracing our feelings and owning our emotional responses, to clearing the past, not only past relationships or to our conception, but beyond

we condition ourselves over many lifetimes and experiences

we are experiencing ourselves in this lifetime in ways we need to experience to learn and grow into the person we are

we can wear balancing crystals, yes crystals too have feminine or masculine energies, the same as trees, plants, mountains, animals, everything !

to feel the energy of a drum made from deer hide, feels completely different to a drum made from elk

the energy of the moon is mystic and alluring, like a woman, the energy of the sun is bold and strong like a man, with both the sun and moon in each day we have a balance of the divine masculine and feminine energies

dancing, meditating, ritual work under wither the sun or moon will give you its energies influence

the journey to heal is a varied path, each moment isn't wasted, nor looked apon as negative, to reach into oneself and find who they ARE and begin to live as the person they are meant to be will bring us balance



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