A little Friday wisdom from the inside!

Every single person in life experiences stress, anxiety, depression, fears, negative thoughts, doubts, and insecurities. I can't imagine a single person going through life without ever experiencing these things. All those people you look at and think "They've got it made," I can assure you that they too have a head full of doubt, fear, anxiety, and insecurity also.

Equally every single person has the capacity within them to live life with a deep sense of peace despite experiencing these things. Our lives can be in absolute chaos, and we can still experience inner peace.

How we move to that place of peace is dependant on our own level of awareness and ability to trust the innate wisdom that guides us daily even when we are consumed by insecurities.

Maya Angelou who wrote "The heart of a Woman" and Victor Frankl who wrote "Man's Search For Meaning" were both a testimony to this. Anyone who can undergo such terror and trauma, yet still find a place of peace within demonstrates to all of us our innate ability to experience peace of mind.

I teach people that the fastest way to move through these dark places and back to a place of peace is to simply allow them into your awareness, for you to notice them and be present with them. Without the need to attempt to fix them or analyse them or blame others for the cause of your problems.

Finding peace no matter what begins with self-awareness.

Whenever you notice an anxious feeling or thought, or insecurity or doubt creep in, slow down, and give yourself some compassion rather than beating up on yourself for feeling this way or blaming someone else for making you feel that way.

Ask yourself, "What one thing can I do for me right now that will help me move back to a place of peace within." And go do that thing.

When you slow down and give yourself the space to do this, that little voice of wisdom will step in and guide you.

If all you ever do is this one thing, over time, you will begin to notice less and less of all those insecure thoughts and feelings and experience more and more inner peace.

When the world outside of you is painful, when you are full of your own self-doubt, fears, anxiety or insecure thinking, the kindest and most compassionate thing to do for yourself is to go inside and be with you and have the courage to love anyway.

Avril xx


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