It's been one hell of a year, a year that has humbled every one of us. Things that we have believed to be permanent have fallen away, loved ones are gone, businesses destroyed, and most of all, people have lived most of this year in fear.
And while this virus has threatened us and taken away so much, I think what is more damaging is the fear and insecurity we have all succumbed to.
I have been humbled this year and brought to my lowest on several occasions, not because of the COVID, although it would be easy to blame that, simply because of the fear it has stirred up inside my head.
So often this year I have forgotten, that nothing in this life is permanent and have tried to control outcomes and situations to keep me, my family and the people I love safe, yet at the same time knowing that there is nothing I can do and this is where all the fear has come for me.
So many reminders have crossed my path this year to gently guide me back to my truth and knowing. So as I sit here quietly writing this and reflecting on the months that have passed and all that I have learned about me, and the people around me there is one thing that is constant in all of this, whatever is happening outside of me is nothing in comparison to what is inside me.
There is a power, a divine knowing deep inside each one of us, and when I am gently guided back to that wisdom, I remember there is nothing to fear.
Be kind to yourself, and remember that with time and enough love and care, everything grows back. We are simply flowers in this garden of life, and we will ALL grow back, in abundance and more glorious than before.
Nothing is permanent, not even COVID.
Everything is ok and is working out; there is nothing for any of us to do or fear, all that is required is that we show up in the best way we can and listen to the wisdom of our heart and then follow that.
Keep doing the best that you can with what you know now. And everything else will fall into place.
Avril xx

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