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Reinventing YOU - The path to a peaceful mind & peaceful life**

Congratulations, you've just made the best decision this year!

Here's a quick rundown of what you will get inside this program:

  • 8 x Weekly Master Classes
  • 8 x weekly Live Coaching Calls run every Wednesday at 8 pm GMT / 3 pm EST.
  • PLUS weekly support calls in between
  • Unlimited access to this course… and I have clients who've repeated it many times due to the insightful nature of the coaching calls, which always reveal something new.
  • 12 Month access to "Reinventing YOU" Coaching Program and Community.
  • Closed Facebook Group - access to a private Facebook Group where you can find weekly transformational tips and breakthroughs.


  • SEVEN added tutorials: Life Audit, How Balanced Is Your Life, Creating A Daily Practice, Letting Go Of Expectations Challenge, Acceptance & Forgiveness Audio/Meditation, Generative Trance Meditation & Postural Body Sway! (Value £549)


  • Access to "Spring Clean The Mind - Kickstarter Series"
  • And "30 Days to greater Self-love & Self-worth - Daily challenge."

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All our calls are recorded; you do not need to show up for the live calls or be live on camera. We will never ask you to do that.

If you have questions and prefer to stay quiet and in that background, that's ok. We never ask you to do anything. We are here to take things off your mind, not add stuff to it! 

So if you have questions, you can message us privately any time, and we will answer them on the call while you sit back and listen.


What People Are Saying:

“It’s really hard to pinpoint any specific thing about this course, but I am just noticing changes daily in how I am reacting and responding to my stress and anxiety. I loved all the information on how our brains work and that has been really helpful. I have loved the gently easy way you have of sharing information and teach us, and your voice sits there in my mind every day reminding me to slow down and it’s helping me be less reactive and to make sense of all my anxiety and overwhelm.” Thank you Donna

“The Reinventing you course has helped me as a whole - it’s helped me look at things differently and to react to - or not react to - things differently in all aspects of my life. I’ve stopped doubting myself so much - I still have my moments but find that when I do I can deal with it better and don’t get caught up in the negative thinking. And I’m having fun - I feel lighter and don’t get bogged down with carrying unnecessary baggage and feel more relaxed and happier. It’s the first time I’ve done a live online course like this and found it easy to follow and manage and it was very non-threatening as you have the choice to speak or type during the weekly meeting and to be seen or not seen which was great. Also, like that the recordings are available afterwards to listen to again whenever you want to revisit them. I'd never used Zoom before and it took a little while to work out how to log in to the call but I always got there and am so glad I did!!!” - LP

“Avril you have helped in so many ways. I feel the Reinventing me course helped me to accept me for who I am with all my imperfections. It has helped me so much with dealing with change and managing the anxiety of that. My life has been like a "rollercoaster" for so long and I didn't know how to get off it. This course has given me the tools manage the many aspects to my life currently. It has helped me "slow down". I've become more conscious of my own "self care" and listening to my body and mind. I would say my "negative talk" has become a "whisper" rather "shouting at me" in my head. I'm just doing the best I can right now. I feel more content and calmer more often. I would Absolutely 100% recommend the Reinventing you course. I genuinely wasn't sure how the course could help me but I can say for sure it definitely made a huge impact on my life and has helped me so much to deal with all the many aspects of my life. It's actually been a lifeline. Thank you!” PK

“Avril’s course has helped me most in In knowing I can choose how to think and act regarding my thoughts and emotions and these choices can have an immensely positive impact on my wellbeing and anxiety levels. I have Slowed down - more time for me to relax - realising that my thought processes caused the horrible physical symptoms of anxiety. I have learnt so much, and as a consequence, I now am far more relaxed and able to deal with situations in a more grounded way as they arise” - thank you.

“ Avril has definitely has helped me rediscover that I am not broken and am more than my 'anxious' person identity. this had a real knock-on effect on my relationships but also on my view of where I want to go next- it will emerge!” Thank you

“What had the biggest impact for me on this course was the week on forgiveness. I thought about what we had spoken about all weekend and spoke to a couple of close friends about it. We went over it again and I felt better about the answers I had given. I also thought to forgive sometimes it gives them a get-out clause, that they can say sorry but they then repeat the same behaviour. Which is what happened to me. Think it's more about letting yourself forgive yourself and move on. I feel I have a release of old ghosts .. that sounds weird! But the only way to explain it. My life took a different direction 4 years ago, becoming more aware, letting go of a lot of ghosts and seeing my life in a different way. This course has come at a time when I have needed a wee boost again in the right direction .” Thank you. Sandra

“This year has been one of the most difficult in my life. The program has helped me immensely to understand our thought process and how it can impact negatively on yourself. It all makes so much sense but I do find myself struggling when I am dealing with certain situations that life surprises us with. I have learned a great deal and hope to be able to understand more clearly as time goes on. I will certainly still continue to be part of future programs which I think is a great opportunity that we can continue to do this. I love all the information about recommended books and videos that you have added. I am very grateful to have been part of this reinventing you group and have nothing but praise for what you do. Thank you” Elaine

“The reinventing you course has really helped me to Get to know my true self and reducing my chronic depression and anxiety. I feel the course is excellent, the face to face interaction made it so meaningful to me rather than text based work. The engagement with other participants has also been truly helpful. I would absolutely recommend working with Avril and doing the Reiventing you course, without a doubt! This has been so beneficial for me and I'm sure has a ripple effect on those around me too, as I become closer to being my authentic self. Thank you Tracey “

“Avril and the Reinventing You course has massively helped me to understand how my body and mind react causing crippling anxiety - which has affected both my mental and physical wellbeing. I am starting to get hours, sometimes days when I am calm and listening to my innate wisdom. During these times I sleep so much better, there is much less stress on my body and I have significantly less migraines. Significant changes have primarily been around managing expectations and learning to not meddle with my thoughts. Like Avril says, the thoughts keep coming. Some of them are useful, supportive, kind, and others are unhelpful or even detrimental. Learning how to just let them go has been very helpful for managing my anxiety. My anxiety primarily manifests when I am not being authentic and when I start meddling with thoughts. There has been a big shift in my mindset and my wellbeing and I am no longer crippled by my anxiety! Thank you so much!!!” Jac M