You've tried everything and you're still feeling stuck, so now what?

... Empowering you to reinvent your life from the inside out!

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Finally! How To Experience Relief From Anxiety and Depression In As Little As 1 Hour A Week..

Without Therapy Or Prescription Medication

So You Can Be Free To Restart Your Life... Faster 

With Avril Gill 

Accredited Hypnotherapist, Coach, Psychologist and 3Principles Mentor/Educator

Scotland, UK 


  • Do you ever wish you could just wake up to a new reality... or do you look at other people and wish you could be more like them, but think… maybe I just don’t have what it takes? 
  • Are you scared of being found out that you’re a fraud… because that’s how you truly feel inside? 

Can you relate to any of this?

  • Are you a woman who’s running a life where it looks like everything is under control from the outside… but inside you feel constantly anxious, depressed and like you just aren’t good enough? 
  • Do you feel like there’s a rain cloud constantly looming over your head, even during moments of happiness… like darkness is blocking out any glimmer of light?
  • Are you carrying fear, stress, negativity or PTSD that you just can’t shake... despite attempting everything to do so? 
  • Have you tried different self-help techniques that might have worked at the start… things like positive thinking, affirmations, breaking down stress into bite-sized tasks or even turning to spirituality... but you still need to keep putting a plaster on all those old wounds? 

If you answered yes to anything I’ve just described…

Then I’ve written you this letter, and I believe it’s the most important one you will read this year. 


Showing up happier, calmer and centred...

Or taking the steps to achieve their dreams every single day. 

Because what a lot of people don’t realise is this…

You are free to restart your life whenever you want to...

Once you understand how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs can keep you stuck in a place of negativity. 

And once you learn how to unravel and remove them… 


And step into a brand new day.  

That’s exactly what I did, and what I want to show you today.  

Grab coffee and settle in! Because I’m about to show you a clear and direct way to dissolve that gripping anxiety, depression, fear and stress… which you can access from anywhere in the world... 


Without seeing a therapist, taking prescription medication, or doing exercises, journals or meditation.

My name is Avril Gill and I’m an accredited Hypnotherapist, Coach and Psychologist who’s shown hundreds of clients how to break free from these painful roadblocks…

Leave them at the curb...

And reinvent themselves, restart their life and create a new reality. 

Whether that looks like waking up feeling free and untethered to any negative thoughts or feelings...

Dissolving away anxiety, depression, fear, stress and PTSD…


But It Wasn't Always Like This ...

I personally know what it’s like to live in a state of gripping anxiety, depression and fear.

To feel like maybe, I just don’t have what it takes. 

I had a tumultuous childhood which, by clinical standards, hindered my chances of a happy and fulfilled life. 

And up to my 38th birthday, it was true. 

I was depressed and anxious... 

Constantly carried a ‘glass half full’ mentally and expected the worst to come out of every situation. 

Not a day went past where I didn’t like or discredit myself, felt undeserving or found ways to corrupt, twist and push away any positivity in my life. 

I saw negativity in every situation... and worst of all I was cynical and resentful of everyone. 

Despite my struggles, I was great at covering them up and keeping everything under wraps. 

When I reached my 30s I had a seemingly successful marriage and career… and from the outside it looked like I was happy and fulfilled. 

But inside... my life was a complete crumbling mess… the depression, anxiety and negative thoughts - all of it was still there. 

And suddenly, I got it. 

Despite all the outside packaging... I was never going to feel different if I didn’t change the inside...

So, I tried everything to ‘cure’ myself. 

I went to counselling and therapy... devoured books covering everything from psychology to metaphysics... and even saw spiritual healers. 

And honestly, for a while, these things did seem to improve my life.  

But, faster than I’d started, I was back in that place of depression, anxiety and feeling completely miserable again. 

What I realised in this process was that I wasn’t born with the crushing thoughts that had taken up real estate in my mind. 

They were outside opinions and beliefs that I’d turned into my own. 

And if I could just remove these beliefs and replace them with new ones... 

I could reinvent myself from the inside out and create a whole new me. 

And I could restart my life. 

So, after a lot of searching, I began seeing a coach and mentor... and slowly started stripping out all the negative beliefs I’d built up over the years.

I created a new set of beliefs... worked hard to reinforce them, and I started reinventing myself from the inside out. 

And doing this didn’t take very long. 

In fact, with the right knowledge and skills, it just took weeks to transform and level up every aspect of my life... 

And step into a brand new reality where I could figure anything out.  

And what started out as a slow, frustrating and lonely journey...

Led me to discover the answers and find the skills to help many.


This is just some of the feedback I’ve received: 

I find myself holding back less and speaking more from my heart .... so here goes!
For me the biggest insights of all came from the realisation of the rules I have been believing and allowing to dictate how I lead my life. When you asked us to reflect on this Avril, what I discovered; what came up for me; was the deep seated beliefs I was holding onto really shocked me. 
The whole experience, being with such supportive and wonderful teachers (I am grateful to have learned from each person there), allowing myself the time and space to reflect and go really deeply was life changing.
Thank you doesn’t really sum it up. 
I am now choosing a different path, one that I am here to discover and create and wonderful things are going to unfold.
No more holding back, I have found my authentic voice and I know it is time for us all to let our individual and beautiful light shine. 💎 ☀️ ⭐️ 
With much love... Jan Ambrose (Project Manager) 2018


I Realised it was my calling in life to show people a path to experience relief from depression, anxiety, mental roadblocks and negativity like I did ...When they felt like conventional treatments had failed them too. 

I was already a certified coach as the Head of Learning and Development at a major finance company in the UK, where I’d spent nearly 20 years of my career. 

And after having a baby at 42, I decided to take the leap and set up my own business... to start giving back some of what had helped me...

Except in a way that’s tailored to women and the challenges specific to them. 

Challenges like running a career, fitting a stereotype and raising a family…

And finding meaning in life while juggling everything that’s expected of us. 

So I did an honours degree in psychology at Open University while still working finance in the UK to create a foundation to work from…

I became a hypnotherapist at the Brain Train Academy and Auspicium in the UK…And trained with some of the BEST coaches and spiritual teachers in Europe & USA. Dr Stephen Gilligan, Dr Bill Pettit & Dr Linda Pettit, David Key, Dawn Flockhart, Michael Neill

And I created a course with my own blend of knowledge and experience combining what I knew as a coach and psychologist... and the elements that I found the most effective when I was transforming myself. 

And what many women don’t realise is that when they combine the right knowledge and skills... they can remove the negative thoughts from their mind and reinvent themselves like I did. 

And it doesn’t take a shakable crisis.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know just how deeply committed I am to helping women regain control of their wellbeing...

And I want the same for you.  


Then Let Me Take Your Hand And Show You A Brand New Day 

Where you wake up untethered to anxiety, fear, negative thoughts and depression...

Where you can remove the pain and roadblocks…

And where you can wake up in the morning to a brand new you. 

Can you imagine having energy to create the life you want to live…

Instead of constantly fighting depression, anxiety, fear and negativity? 

Not only is this possible… but it can be your reality sooner. 

You can reinvent yourself, create a new reality and FIGURE ANYTHING OUT. 

A Holistic Roadmap Makes All The Difference!

You might have experienced the symptoms I’ve described too - anxiety, depression and negativity. 

You might have tried conventional treatments that have only left you searching for answers.

You might have seen psychologists who’ve chalked your symptoms up to unresolved past experiences... when in your heart you know it runs deeper. 

They might have gently pushed the blame on you. 

And if this was your experience, please know that it’s not your fault.  

It was my reality once upon a time too.  

And listen… I’m not against traditional treatments. 

I simply believe that holistic and traditional remedies can (and should) co-exist. 

And what a lot of people don’t realise is that they have the option to experience relief from depression and anxiety... without therapy or pharmaceuticals.

If any of this resonates, and you don’t want depression and anxiety to be your reality forever...


And that’s why I’ve created…

"Reinventing You" 

An 8-week online coaching program to experience relief from anxiety, depression, overwhelm and fear... Understand how your mind really works... so you can reconnect and trust your deep inner wisdom...

And restart your life. 

Understand how your mind really you can reconnect and trust your deep inner wisdom

> And restart your life

If you are up against negative thoughts and feelings every day...

Then this is the most clear and direct way to remove them and create a NEW you.

This is not a run-of-the mill wellness program. It's a full A-Z for transformation! 

>You will learn how to dissolve anxiety, depression and fear... without seeing a therapist or taking prescription medication. 

>You will uncover what’s keeping you stuck in a place of struggle, self-sabotage, overwhelm and uncertainty... and ‘Reinvent You’ to find peace regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in…

>You will get really clear on what’s holding you back and how to easily and effortlessly dissolve these blocks… and it's so much more simple than you might think.  

>You will learn how to apply this shift in consciousness in all aspects of your life… without spending hours journalling, writing gratitude lists, using positive affirmations or even meditating...

>You will gain the momentum you need to create change in your life, career or business... 


You will develop a deep inner that you are well equiped to deal with any obstacle life throws at you...

and you will understand how simple it is to create change 


Inside this 8-week course you will unlock these modules: 



Week One

The Psychological and Spiritual Nature of Thought

Three principles that will change the way you experience your life forever!

Bonus:  Life Audit & How Balanced Is Your Life

Week Two

Letting Go Of The Past And Moving Back To Well Being

Who wants to live in a graveyard of memories, inside I help you to close the lid on the past and move into your wellbeing today.

Week Three 

Ditching Expectations 

We all have them, but did you know that carrying these only leads to feelings of failure, low self-esteem and low confidence. Inside this class we strip your expectations back so you can build up the foundations for success in your life.

Bonus:  Creating A Daily Practice Video & Downloadable PDF

Letting Go Of Expectations Challenge Audio

Week Four

Self-Sabotage And The Seduction of Our Thoughts

I show you exactly what happens inside that monkey mind when your self sabotage takes over, and what you can do to erase it forever.

Week Five

Acceptance And Forgiveness

Bonus:  Acceptance And Forgiveness Meditation Audio

Week Six

Why You Feel Hijacked By Your Thoughts (And How Your Brain Works)

It's time to really understand what's going on inside that reptilian brain, and learn how to stop allowing it to hijack your life once and for all.

Week Seven

Getting Clear On Who You Want To Be 

My favourite part of the group coaching program and it's where I help you see you are already who you want to be!

Week Eight

Setbacks And Resilience 

On this call I share how to overcome these and what to do to get yourself back on track and strengthen your inner resilience

Bonus Module

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Everyone want's to find this, but know one knows exactly where this illusive inspiration comes from. Inside this module I show you exactly where to link to find that spark of inspiration!

Bonus Module 2 & 3

Generative Trance Meditation Audio

Postural Body Sway Video

You can be part of this too!


Be Inspired!!

"Thank you Avril for a fantastic course. 
I first got in touch with you as I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety at work, and felt like the fear was taking over me.  
From our first chat, you helped by explaining how a lot of what we feel is caused by overthinking, or attaching meaning to thought. 
I knew deep down that when I was getting caught up in the fear, the best thing to do was to go and take a walk to give my thoughts some time to settle, but that at the time it felt counter intuitive. 
When you reminded me of the intuition that is always within, I began to act on that, whether that was taking a quick walk at work, or reading a book at home when my mind started to whirl... and I began noticing a reduction in my stress levels. 
Prior to our first meeting, I had been experiencing physical symptoms such as migraines and nosebleeds, and I am happy to say these are happening far less frequently now that I am feeling much calmer.  
As I mentioned on our last call, I noticed a gradual change in how I am feeling... so gradual in fact that it just seemed I was taking it on board naturally and it was only when I looked back and thought about how I felt before I started the course, that I realised what a big shift I had experienced. 
So a huge thank you from me for helping me to rebalance and feel much calmer despite the fact that there will always be pressured situations... because that is life! 
I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to experience greater calm, and in such a way that it just happens naturally.
Thanks again, Erin (2019)
P.S. I am actually writing this in Bali, which only happened as a result of listening to what I really wanted to do and not talking myself out of it... and I decided to book it during your course." 🏝 



"This course has been a huge help for my self-confidence and awareness. 

It has enabled me to look within and stop looking externally... when I slip back into my old ways it has enabled me to get back on track. 
To do this I can watch the session recording or notes in my journal. 

I have joined the course 3 times and each one has been a unique experience.  
Being able to share with others is also revitalising and refreshing - chicken soup for the soul. 😀

To be given life-long access to the sessions is a life-line. 
My life has changed dramatically since the 1st course.... I feel I am now “reinventing me” into who I want to be.

I have taken early retirement from 35 years in IT and I am now setting up as a self-employed complementary therapist.  
I am currently training as a cranial sacral therapist and I now feel I am doing something I love.

Do I still have “bad days” - yes I do, but the coursework has allowed me to get through these days with a different perspective and an acceptance I never had before.

My relationships have also improved... I took a lot from the session on expectations and I feel that helped me to change my expectations of others and myself which has had a positive effect on my relationships.
I would highly recommend this course for those who want to look within, understand their mind /thoughts and improve their relationship with themselves.

Keep a journal and look back... you’ll be surprised how defat you’ve come. 😊
- Lynn McFadyen 2019

Chrissa H.

Job Title

Chrissa H.

Job Title

I find myself holding back less and speaking more from my heart .... so here goes!

For me the biggest insights of all came from the realisation of the rules I have been believing and allowing to dictate how I lead my life. When you asked us to reflect on this Avril, what I discovered; what came up for me; was the deep seated beliefs I was holding onto really shocked me. 

The whole experience, being with such supportive and wonderful teachers (I am grateful to have learned from each person there), allowing myself the time and space to reflect and go really deeply was life changing.

Thank you doesn’t really sum it up. 

I am now choosing a different path, one that I am here to discover and create and wonderful things are going to unfold.

No more holding back, I have found my authentic voice and I know it is time for us all to let our individual and beautiful light shine. 💎 ☀️ ⭐️ 

With much love... Jan Ambrose (Project Manager) 2018





Here's how it works

Each week you’ll receive a master class that you can watch at a time that suits you, then you put what you’ve learned into action (the homework component) and then you’re welcome to jump on the live group coaching call with me weekly to bring all your questions.

The Call

First, you and I get on the phone for half an hour. I want to know each and every person taking this course, what they're planning, what they're struggling with. I'll refund you on the spot if I don't think this course can help you.

Master Classes

Every week for 8 weeks you will receive a video master class that you can listen to at a time that works for you. If you would like a break down of what will be covered each week, scroll up ;)

Homework (Gasp)

What makes this program unique, is that there is absolutely no homework required. At the end of the modules there activities for you to complete, but these are optional because you don't have to do anything. I take care of it all for you! 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Once a week I will be available to discuss and answer any questions you might have from the week and (if you're game) I am happy to do some one on coaching with you on the group call and work through any issues then and there!

Did I mention you would also get these!  

30 Days To Greater Self-Worth and Self-Love (Valued at £197)

This 30-day challenge is designed to empower you on the road to greater self-love and self-worth.  
  • 30 modules and 30 daily challenges...
  • Bite-sized daily videos containing tips, insights and tools to support you... 
  • The 30 Days to Greater Self-Love And Self-Worth Ebook containing daily activities and practical tools... 
  • Daily tracker and worksheets to accompany the modules.

Spring Clean Your Mind (Valued at £197)

In this mini kickstarter series, I will show you how to get back on track in different areas of your life...
Whether it’s implementing a healthy routine... finding a new job... or just getting your life in order again. 
This short yet powerfully transformational mini series will give you the boost you’ve been searching for!

But Only If You Join Me on This Eight Week Program 

Need some peace of mind?

Join in for week 1 and if it’s not everything you hoped for you can have your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Let's Do This!

Is this for me?

The "Reinventing YOU" Coaching Program is perfect for you:

If you constantly find yourself fighting anxiety and depression…

➜If you are constantly facing a roller coaster of fear, stress or PTSD...

Then this course is the fastest way to experience relief in a way that fits your time and schedule. 

➜It contains the latest transformational coaching techniques so you can break through the mental roadblocks and negative head talk. 

However these first 25 spaces won’t last long, so I’d encourage you to act quick. 

As you can imagine, I will get a lot of interest from this letter… 

So it’s important that you read this next part very carefully. 

**This Opportunity Isn’t For Everyone.**

I can only help a specific type of client so there’s a stringent yet fairly achievable set of criteria. 

  • I don’t work with people who are looking for a quick fix, or who won’t take the time or space to explore everything we cover in this 8-week course. 
  • I only work with action-takers with patience, determination, a little faith and a willingness to try something new and different. 
  • You must also be willing to show up for the live calls.

Because I really want you to make the most of this opportunity. 

Ready to feel like this?

Like you finally "get" it. Proud of yourself. Like 2020 really IS your year. And just so darn RELIEVED!

(You wouldn't believe the number of people I have spoken to on the phones in tears from the overwhelm and frustration. If that is you, you're not alone!)

Can we start tomorrow?



Coaching Program
Single Payment
*all prices in GBP

  • 8 x Weekly Master Classes 

  • You will also receive access to 8 x weekly Live Coaching Calls that run every Thursday at 8pm GMT / 3PM EST.  

  • Unlimited access to this course… and I have clients who’ve repeated it many times due to the insightful nature of the coaching calls which always reveal something new. 


  • Lifetime access to "Reinventing YOU" Coaching Program and Community & our virtual Well-being cafe.

  • Closed Facebook Group -access to a private Facebook Group where you can find weekly transformational tips and breakthroughs.  

  • AND:
  • BONUS: SEVEN added tutorials: Life Audit, How Balanced Is Your Life, Creating A Daily Practice, Letting Go Of Expectations Challenge, Acceptance & Forgiveness Audio/Meditation, Generative Trance Meditation & Postural Body Sway!

    Value £549

  • BONUS: Spring Clean Your Mind - Mini Kickstarter Course

    Value £197

  • BONUS: 30 Days to Greater Self-Love & Self-Worth Daily Challenge
    Value £197




After 8 Weeks of  "Reinventing You"
You will be equipped to remove negative emotions... You will have The skills to break from from negative thinking  & emotions...


Enrolments Closing









Spend 8 weeks with Avril, and you will be equipped to restart your life with a new understanding of what causes you anxiety, depression, fear and stress… so you can remove these blocks. 


  • You will start to gain awareness into the roadblocks holding you back so you can remove them once and for all...
  • You will learn to break your goals down into bite-sized tasks… so you can start turning your dreams into reality…
  • And you will move into a brighter future free of low-vibration feelings and mental clutter. 
  • Inside this course, each of the 8 modules takes just 1 hour to complete. 


Think of it like having a housekeeper for your mind... 

And at the end of the 8 weeks you will feel as if you have completely decluttered... and gained mental clarity and space for a whole new level of thinking. 

Imagine doing all of this in that amount of time?

What have I got to lose??!

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